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Inerting provides a measure of safety in chemical storage processes and storage. The blanket gas reduces the oxygen content in the otherwise volatile gas mixture in refinery, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical applications.

For safety, the use of nitrogen or carbon dioxide are effective blanket gases to mitigate the opportunity for explosions and fires. Using an oxygen sensor like the Panametrics XMO2 can give you the assurance that your process runs safely and can reduce the overall cost of blanketing.

The XMO2 uses thermoparamagnetic sensor technology. The XDP display and properly designed sample system can automatically calibrate the XMO2, to minimize maintenance.

XMO2 Thermo Paramagnetic Oxygen Transmitter
Panametrics XMO2 is a compact yet rugged online transmitter with unmatched measurement stability. Developed for inerting applications such as liquid storage tanks, reactor feed gases, flare gas, catalyst regeneration, and oxygen purity, the XMO2 is ideal where ever accurate oxygen measurement is critical to process and product quality.


oxy.IQ Oxygen Transmitter

Panametrics oxy.IQ oxygen transmitter is a reliable and cost-effective oxygen transmitter. The compact design makes the oxy.IQ ideal for applications such as glove box purge and leak detection, natural gas, pure vapor hydrocarbon streams, and many more.


Safety is the number one concern in hazardous chemical environments.

Download this white paper to learn how to measure oxygen in inerting and blanket gas to protect your assets.


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